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Hand Carved Wooden Bowl (American Hornbeam)

Carved from an American Hornbeam tree from Forest Lawn


Truly a one-of-a-kind item, this bowl was hand-carved by artisan Frank Beurskens from an American Hornbeam tree that was part of the Forest Lawn tree canopy for years, but had to be taken down after the winter of 2014 due to disease, stress or damage. 

From the artist...

"Hornbeam is found across the Eastern US and often mistakenly called Ironwood due to its dense, tough nature, but those features also make a wonderful wood for bowls! A small tree with bluish bark and very unusual drooping flowers.  An example of a tree not well known due to its limited commercial value, yet an excellent wood to work with.  This tree had multiple trunks emerging from a single base which made it challenging to cut clear sections to work with.  This piece has a dark patch of bark remaining and darker wood reflects the boundary of decay setting in on the tree." 


Offered through the Forest Lawn Heritage Foundation