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Hard Carved Wooden Bowl (Red Oak)

Carved from a Red Oak tree from Forest Lawn


Truly a one-of-a-kind item, this bowl was hand-carved by artisan Frank Beurskens from a Red Oak tree that was part of the Forest Lawn tree canopy for years, but had to be taken down after the winter of 2014 due to disease, stress or damage. 

From the artist...

"Red Oak is common throughout the Northeast US and Eastern Canada.  The bark edge has a special story behind it.  Bark remains on the edge of a bowl only when the tree was cut down in early spring! Springtime means sap is flowing through the "sap wood" (the outside, whiter layer of wood), carrying water and nutrients throughout the tree.  Oak can react with iron due to tannins in the wood, sometimes causing black stains, evident in the base of bowls at times.  All oaks have a unique aroma when working wet.  Red oak has a very open porous grain, it is said that a person can blow into one end of the wood, and air will come out the other! (In contrast with the White Oak, which is what wine and whisky barrels are made from!) Best not to serve liquids in this bowl, but great for showing off fruits!"

Offered through the Forest Lawn Heritage Foundation